Why this Blog?

20th July 2010

I have traded, graded, selected and repacked Caviar since I was a young boy.

My father, George P Rebeiz, founded the company Caviar House in the fifties and as such the world of Caviar its wonders and sometime darker moments became my livelihood, identity and profession. My love for Caviar grew from a passion into an obsession to defend its quality, its image and its history.

Having had the privilege to be in the forefront of the Caviar industry for so many years trading with the Soviet Governments, the Iranian state fisheries and now for the past ten years, producer of Farmed Caviar, I have seen the world of Caviar as it used to be and actively participated in shaping its new order.

I have created this Caviar blog, not as the Chairman of Caviar House & Prunier, but as a truly passionate lover of Caviar and its universe. It is not about the company that employs me, it is about one of the most sensational consumer products, its market place, its history and its future.

It is also about setting the records straight, at least from my point of view, when it comes to some of the more shady things that goes on the in the world of Caviar..
But most of all, it is about celebrating caviar and the magical effect it has had, and will continue to have, on some of us,

Peter George Rebeiz
Geneva 2010.


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  7. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world, Peter.

  8. Je découvre l’ article et re découvre la Maison Caviar House ou j’ai eu la chance de travailler.
    Des moments magiques, j’ai découvert tant de belles choses, j’ai pu apprendre, gouter à des MERVEILLES. Mais plus que tout j’ai découvert un homme passionné par son ‘métier’ non passionné par SA PASSION.
    Tout était toujours entourer d’une jolie et très belle histoire qui faisait rêver et on continuait ce beau voyage avec tous les sens. Mille mercis pour tout ce que j’ai appris auprès de vous Monsieur Rebeiz mais également de certains de vos collaborateurs.
    J’ai la chance actuellement de vivre moi aussi de ma passion mais il y a dans ma manière d’être un peu, beaucoup de Caviar House.
    Je vous souhaite à vous et votre famille tout le bonheur du monde et à Caviar House Prunier que je visite dès que je le peux une belle et grande réussite méritée.