Taste of Caviar part 1

16th November 2010

I am quite often called upon to talk about caviar and its universe whether it within my own company or for other special events.
For many years we have hoped than someone would make some kind of documentary on caviar that did not just presents this fantastic product only from a technical side or the overfishing in the Caspian Sea. But the story about the product and some of the great personalities that made it legendary.
As such a documentary was never made so far, I decided to create one myself for the purpose of giving my friends and colleagues a better understanding about the great history of this magical product.
It is the story of the caviar trade such as I know it since its first trading office in Astrakhan, Russia in 1695.


  1. Great work Peter. You weave the tapestry between the brand, the product and the experience ever so nicely.