The Caspian Sea – still alive tomorrow?

15th April 2011

The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed body of water on earth and its cultural and ecological legacy is of a priceless value to humanity. It is one of the most sensitive ecological systems in our hemisphere and the birthplace of one of the most wonderful fish species there is – the sturgeon. Unfo...
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A matter of taste

8th April 2011

When I eat caviar, I don’t think of it as fish eggs. Who does, ruins it. For thinking of caviar in terms of fish eggs, is like speaking of a kiss as a tongue-check and exchange of saliva. It demystifies the experience. It kills the passion and the spark of a particular moment. The remains are hard fac...
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Charming womanizer with luxurious tastes

4th April 2011

Whilst the history of cinema is full of action heroes and seducers, there is only one who managed to become Her Majesty’s best man for difficult situations and won the hearts of generations: James Bond. No other “suit” has saved the world as often or as casually as the British Secre...
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