The new caviar world order!

14th November 2010

From the upcoming book “Caviar, a history of desire” by Peter G Rebeiz

It will not be long before restaurants, hotels and retail stores will be able to offer different kinds of Caviar preparations from various countries. Hopefully such preparations and new origins will find an i

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Caviar, A history of desire

13th November 2010

A new book by Peter G Rebeiz

It creates romance, it transforms conversations and it certifies success. It indicates elegance here, beauty there and magic everywhere.

It dazzles some, confuses others and unfailingly forges a long lasting impression. It is Caviar!

One of the very few commodit...
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Farmed or wild Caviar?

11th November 2010

The trade that began in 1675 when Caviar was still a local, but revered dish in Russia grew over the next 300 years to become the commerce of one of the most mysterious and sought after consumer products in the World, celebrated for its taste and ancestry. Remove its history and heritage, and it is...
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