Charming womanizer with luxurious tastes

4th April 2011

Whilst the history of cinema is full of action heroes and seducers, there is only one who managed to become Her Majesty’s best man for difficult situations and won the hearts of generations: James Bond. No other “suit” has saved the world as often or as casually as the British Secret Intelligence Service Agent “Double Oh Seven”. His lines are cult, his womanizing character undisputable and yet complaisantly overlooked by his female fans “for he is such a catch.”

His character brings together famous luxury goods with a unique personality, class and style. Be it “on Her Majesty’s secret service”, facing villains for whom “the world is not enough” or bringing himself and beautiful women in a situation “for your eyes only”: James Bond drives luxury cars (at the moment an Aston Martin DB5, I believe), wears custom-tailored suits and a Rolex. He probably smells of Paul Smith, too (this is speculation, I admit). When he speaks, he does this with charm and intelligent wit. He has a partiality for beautiful women, for caviar and champagne. He drinks his Martini stirred. This is how James Bond became Her Majesty’s best man, the ladies’ darling, the men’s idol and the villains’ nightmare: by combining luxury with an exceptional personality.


  1. That’s really tihnikng out of the box. Thanks!