A matter of taste

8th April 2011

When I eat caviar, I don’t think of it as fish eggs. Who does, ruins it. For thinking of caviar in terms of fish eggs, is like speaking of a kiss as a tongue-check and exchange of saliva. It demystifies the experience. It kills the passion and the spark of a particular moment. The remains are hard facts with a stale aftertaste.

A taste of caviar is never plenty or enough. It’s only ever a tease whetting ones appetite for more, like a good kiss. You enjoy it while it lasts, but if it’s a really good kiss, it will never last long enough for you to feel satisfied. You would like it to go on. For on top of being a nice physical experience, this kiss is a celebration of the moment and a promise of the future. And it makes you feel special. But it’s a matter of taste: some prefer the sea, the passion and the drama. Others favor the hard facts and are satisfied with a lukewarm reality.